• Z-Man CB14-05 Original ChatterBait ChartrueseWhite Z-Man CB14-02 Original ChatterBait BrownBlack

    Z-Man Original ChatterBait

    Time and again, top anglers rely on The Original ChatterBait® brand bladed swim jig to help fill livewells and cash tournament checks. This groundbreaking lure's patented design and trademarked hex-shaped blade combine to produce unmatched vibration,...
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  • River2Sea WPL75-14 Whopper Plopper 75 Bone River2Sea WPL75-12 Whopper Plopper 75 Loon

    River2Sea Whopper Plopper 75

    River2Sea’s Whopper Plopper, designed by the legendary angler Larry Dahlberg, is his secret weapon for musky fishing. The soft, pliable tail rotates on the harness and creates muskie alluring rumbles at variety retrieve speeds and depths. The tail...
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